Monday, April 9, 2007

Bluebonnets and Eggs

It's springtime despite the freezing weather here two days ago. We traveled to Independence about an hours drive to get pictures of Elena in the bluebonnets. There were so many people taking pictures of their children in the flowers. Daddy taught Elena about flowers and now everytime she sees a flower, she grabs one, puts it up to her nose to smell it and says mmmmm. You could imagine her delight when she saw a field of them.

Elena had her first Easter Egg Hunt. We went to one with our church's mom's group. Elena would grab an egg and wasn't interested in getting more. I had to encourage her to keep looking. She managed to get six and was so excited to find her favorite item inside---something edible. On Easter Sunday we decided to have "cascarones" for our hunt at home. Again Elena was happy with one egg. I let her break one on daddy and then I broke one on her. She must've remembered the candy in the plastic eggs because she kept trying to eat the confetti.