Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family pic

This is one of those booth pictures. It sure was tight in there but we got all 5 of us in it! I love Karina's face here. I asked Elena what she thought Karina was thinking and she said, "I think she's thinking, What is going on?"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soy Mami

Somehow being home with 3 little girls every single day doesn't convince me that I a mom, a real mom, the real deal! They keep me busy enough and depend on me A LOT, but I don't remember that I am a mommy until I see photos like these. For this reason photos with my babies are are some of my favorites. Here's Karina at 5 months and pictures with the other girls when they were babies.

With Marisa at 8 months old

With Elena at 11 months old

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still sleeping

She really does sleep everywhere and so easily! Before Karina came along I truly believed that babies who fell asleep in strollers, cars, and out in public were exhausted, overtired, and skipping naps, but now I'm eating my own words. I can not believe this little baby. She is almost 6 months and is still taking several naps throughout the day. Karina will fall asleep without fussing and on her own while playing in the the play gym, the exersaucer, the floor, you name it. I'm starting a little photo collection of "places Karina sleeps" just incase I ever forget how easy she is/was.

Ignore the various strollers below and my obvious and latest baby gear obsession and see that little Karina does really sleep anywhere. And just incase I'm making this post sound like having 3 kids has not been an adjustment, I have decided just this last month that the age of 3 is my LEAST favorite age. I think God thought Karina should be an easy baby because I apparently find 3 year olds extreeeemly challenging. Hmm...I wonder who that 3 year old could be?

Very relaxed in Omar's office, her daytime napping room (even through his work phone calls)
At the beach
At a doctor's appointment
In the kitchen in her high chair
In a restaurant

Mini vacation

Last week we took advantage of Elena's break between school and dual language summer school and headed to Brownsville to visit Omar's mom and to take a little day trip to the beach. On the way we decided to break up the trip and stop by the Texas State Aquarium. Omar had extra points for a free night at a hotel so it worked out just right. As an added bonus we were plesantly surprised when the hotel clerk upgraded us to the two bedroom suite!! The girls each had there own beds and a TV in their room and we had our own bed in another room with a TV too!! Needless to say everyone slept incredibly well and it made me wish we had this set up on every family vacation!

We previously visited the aquarium when Marisa was a baby. As they get older, trips like these become even better for so many reasons. There's just so much learning involved and much less drama. LOL! We started with the dolphin show and soon took a break for lunch. Both Karina AND Marisa took naps in the stroller! Then we went to the the new added Splash park where we spent the rest of the afternoon. The girls had a blast and were just beat afterward so we quickly toured the Gulf of Mexico section and then headed to Brownsville for the night. The following day we went to beach. The water was just the perfect temp. It felt like I could be in it ALL day. But instead Omar and I took turns going in while the other watched sleeping Karina (she sleeps everywhere!!! I'm always amazed and so I've started taking pictures of her asleep in different places but that's another post) and the older girls building sand castles. The sun became stronger and we headed back to Brownsville where we spent the weekend relaxing, hanging out with Grandma F (thank you!), swimming in her pool, dinner, barbequing, date night at the movie theater and a little visit to the cemetery. All in all it was a wonderful, restful, and fun trip. We couldn't be more thankful for Omar's flexible schedule that frequently allows somewhat spontaneous trips like these.

Hanging out in the hotel before bedtime
Dolphin show