Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor was the cutest little town but had everything a resident could need. We didn't need a vehicle and loved that we explored the entire island by foot and on bicycle in the 3 days we were there. I realized how unpopulated the town was on our bicycle ride when I experienced the sound of true silence. It was so serene and almost unreal especially when out of the blue a doe and it's fawn slowly crossed the road we were on. The second day we went on a whale tour by kayak. Again, it was a good thing Omar didn't explain the level of endurance that was required because I would've chickened out. We have kayaked many times here in Austin, but on Town Lake, with still waters in comparison to the Pacific Ocean. But, I am so glad we did this though because it was the most amazing thing ever watching orcas and their calves play only 50 yards in front of us. In the end I was even proud of myself for accomplishing the tour. It was about seven ours of paddling with intermittent hard work in 50 degree weather. I was prepared though with five! yes five layers and a hat. I only started to feel cold just before lunch when it became drizzly and it was time to fuel up for all those calories burned. Really, really, amazing these creatures. I'd do it all over just to see them and hear them again. Still haven't gotten around to developing those photos so here are the ones of our time spent in the town which we explored on our third day there.
The girls are into mermaids so we snapped this picture for them

1st day of school

The girls started school together at the same school! Marisa got into (it's a lottery system because it's not our neighborhood school) the dual language program at Elena's school so she started Pre-K. She was apprehensive and nervous about it which is more her personality, but she only cried the first day and the teacher was incredibly accomodating even inviting me to stay as long as Marisa needed. She only needed it the first day and then she did fine. She is really enjoying school and looks forward to going daily. Marisa really likes structure and this has been just what she needed. Elena walked into school like a pro, so proud and ready. It really helped that she stayed with the same class from Kindergarten and that her Kindergarten teacher moved up to 1st grade with them. But, even in her pictures she looks so mature and responsible to me. It really feels like she was in Marisa's shoes just yesterday. And it also feels like just yesterday I carried Marisa in the sling. They have both gotten off to a great start and I have to say that it's been so much easier now dropping off two at the same location at the same time. I've even worked out a great carpool which has been a lifesaver for me. Did I mention Karina began school too? It's only one day a week for 5 hours. My plan is to work on professional development during this time. So far though I've just spent this time cleaning--A LOT, but it's nice because I finally feel like I can maintain the household like I've wanted for some time now. Omar and I have also used this time for some during the week dates which we've enjoyed. I also applied to subsitute teach but it is totally dependent on Omar's schedule, so we shall see how that goes. But I do think I am starting to miss the classroom.
She didn't cry and her teachers said she was the happiest baby that day. A great relief for mama.