Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blessed with a boy

We thought we wanted a 4th girl. When we learned he was a he, everyone warned us boys were different. I didn't go into parenting him expecting anything different at all but it quickly became clear he would be different. Having Enrique is like having a baby for the first time again. So many things he does are so different than what I expect that its always so new to me. He's always surprising me and I feel so blessed to experience the newness of a new baby and a new child all over again.

This picture a prime example. He intentionally set up his favorite stuffed animals in a pile and then in a line. I thought to myself, "how sweet!"  Not moments later he is hoping on his car to run them over! His favorite toys!!  He continues to do this each time experimenting which set up will cause the best bounce on his car.  Many of his actions are a different experience for me and I love it. I am in awe. I'm a new parent all over again. What a gift.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The pluses of large family

I want to remember this moment and tell you why mom's with larger families may often say it is a lot easier to have many kids than
just two kids. I didn't understand it or maybe even believe it, but every once in a while and more and more I agree and I see it.  I am in awe that it really is true and the burden of being solely responsible for each and every activity, assignment, commitment, etc., for each child suddenly feels like it doesn't only fall on my shoulders and I have these awesome little helpers who lighten the load and bring a smile to my face with pride.

I am currently editing an assigned interview report on my computer for Elena who is now in 4th grade and needs typing help.  Karina is in pre-k and needs to make her Valentine's cards but tomorrow's afternoon is already filled with violin lessons and travel time. So I've assigned Elena the task of helping Karina make her Valentine cards.  As I type, I over hear the two downstairs. 

What I hear  "what does this say Karina?"
"Good job Karina! You did it!"
 "That's a long word right?"
"put it right here."
 "Not upside down." 
Ok, now read this. "Now read it again." 

Every phrase is said in the sweetest most helping way and I feel immensely proud and grateful. I never knew or imagined this would be my life with four.  There is chaos, yes, certainly. Everyone tells you about the chaos, every one says with surprise and with an "are you crazy" behind their eyes, "FOUR KIDS!!"

yes, four kids. yes, it's hard. But life always has surprises and this time it's for the better.