Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

It was a beautiful Mother's day and one to remember. Elena proclaimed, "this was the best Mother's day ever!--and I agree. I had told Omar that for Mother's day I wanted to go out for breakfast and on a family bike ride on the veloway. The veloway is a bicycle only trail  with a scenic view throughout.  We have been riding around together as a family to nearby restaurants and shopping areas and finally felt we could do the 3-mile excursion with everyone. How we do it you ask, well this is the set up:   Karina rides in a seat in front of me or on Omar's bike. Marisa rides on a tandem attachment with Omar and Elena rides on her own.  The 3 mile trail was gorgeous and felt like we were out in the country despite being in town surrounded by a suburban neighborhood. It was also gorgeous because the wildflowers were blooming.   Would you believe neither Omar or I brought our phones with a camera to capture it all?  But it was just as it should be really, we were out in nature with no technology or stuff.  I didn't even carry along a bag with things I always think I need.  All we had was our water bottles.  It was the most perfect day for our ride. The weather was cool and warmed up just as we finished the loop and the girls were ready for a snack.  We can't wait to go again! This was the pic Omar took when we were done and could get the camera from the car.