Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conversation w/Elena

Elena: Mama I want frijoles de soya (soy beans)
Me: Pero te traje algo de Dunkin Donuts. But I brought you something from Dunkin Donuts.
Elena: But I don't want Dunkin Donuts I want frijoles de soya!

It's a good thing someone is making good food choices!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Marisa and shoes

We told Elena we were getting ready to go out and she should go put her shoes on. Elena likes to take her sweet time so instead Marisa went and got Elena's shoes and put them in front of Elena so she could put them on. Then she came back with my shoes so I could put mine on. She tried to get Omar's but they were much to big and heavy to carry. At the moment she is wearing Elena's shoes that she put on herself.

Beach Day

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marisa is 18 months

Dear Little One,
You have quite the personality always letting us know exactly what you want. You continue to be very observant and are quickly learning many things. I can send you to put your shoes on, wash your hands, bring me your diaper and pick up your toys!! You're keen to different or loud sounds and I love to hear your gasp and see your lips turn oval shaped in surprise every time you hear something out of the ordinary. You are also my sensitive child showing your feelings as they come. If you get in trouble and we let you know you cry and burst into tears. You have also responded with anger a few times throwing whatever toy is near when you don't get your way. But you are loving just as much and will ask for hugs and kisses often.

You love to do everything Elena does even if you're too little for it like ride her tricycle or play with play-doh even though you often end up with it in your mouth. You really love shoes and your favorite hang out place seems to be the shelf of shoes in the kitchen by the mud room. When I'm making dinner and you've decided I am not going to feed you until dinner is ready you eventually give up and let go of me to try on every pair of shoes on that shelf, mine, daddy's Elena's, but rarely yours. You went from eating everything that was food to now picking and choosing. I find it hard sometimes to give you food you like that isn't fruit. On your last update you seemed to have given up your morning nap but that only lasted one week and you've been napping two naps since. I sense however that you will soon be napping only once since you've been fighting that morning nap a bit more often. Here are a few words you say: Mama, Da, ten, pela (pelota), papapa (por favorv) (uva), baba (bebe), amo, na (Elena), papa, pa (pan) ball, dowm (down), ba (banano), ge dowm (get down), ga (go), na(no). And some signs: dormir, panal, mas, leche, gracias,

You are very attached to your mother and will stay right by me in new situations and places. It is nice to know you don't run off and that you're always aware of where I am. If I'm too far you come right back. I love to see that happy grin of yours (see the video)and you are very well aware that we love it too. You're half way to two and it is hard to believe you will soon leave baby hood. Te amo bebe, little one.

Wish I had recorded this seconds sooner. She had that grin the entire time as the broccoli was headed her way. Funny thing is she's never really eaten broccoli but this one was so big she couldn't contain the excitement.