Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blessed with a boy

We thought we wanted a 4th girl. When we learned he was a he, everyone warned us boys were different. I didn't go into parenting him expecting anything different at all but it quickly became clear he would be different. Having Enrique is like having a baby for the first time again. So many things he does are so different than what I expect that its always so new to me. He's always surprising me and I feel so blessed to experience the newness of a new baby and a new child all over again.

This picture a prime example. He intentionally set up his favorite stuffed animals in a pile and then in a line. I thought to myself, "how sweet!"  Not moments later he is hoping on his car to run them over! His favorite toys!!  He continues to do this each time experimenting which set up will cause the best bounce on his car.  Many of his actions are a different experience for me and I love it. I am in awe. I'm a new parent all over again. What a gift.