Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why I'm not in any pictures...

In response to Julia's question, here is an answer in picture form.

Carson Beach

As you can see Marisa is trying to grab my hair and Elena is purposely turning away from the camera. I love taking pictures but capturing good family pictures has become more and more difficult. In this picture I was trying to get one of Omar with the girls. A very nice woman offered to take one of all of us. I was delighted but knew the 30 seconds of tolerance from the girls was almost over so I quickly jumped in and ended up with this photo. :) I looks like it should be of Omar and the girls, me alone, or maybe even Omar and I since we're the only ones smiling. Ha ha!! Oh well, at least we'll have a laugh and some funny memories with pictures like these.

Monday, September 8, 2008

We're here!!

We made it safely and are slowly settling in. I've managed to snap a few photos.

What I love so far...

Waking up to breezy mornings to this view outside our bedroom window.

Walking to dinner

The beach only a 30 minute drive away

Morning walks at this nearby park

Our formal dining room turned playroom. We're very much casual people and have never had a formal dinner or own china. But even more importantly, my very busy belly crawler has sheer determination and almost made it out to the back porch so I'm very happy to keep them and the toys contained in one area. :)

What I miss...

Our driveway and garage. I just can't get used to the basement yet. And the driveway here is only wide enough for tandem parking meaning we park in a single file and play "musical chairs" with our cars

Our former open style kitchen

The warm water beach

Walking with friends at Central Park

Other pictures