Friday, November 26, 2010


It was a nice relaxing holiday. My family came over which seems to be the tradition with my tendency to deliver holiday babies. :) We had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed the beautiful and suddenly changing weather. I surprised myself at now 8 months pregnant by spontaneously deciding to try and scalp tickets to the A&M/UT football game and had good luck finding good seats at a good price. I don't think I had attended a football game since a student at A&M when we were required to stand the entire time. This was not the case this time which was nice because I was able to sit when I needed and I didn't get too physically tired.

Elena is 5

Elena is 5. What is hard to believe is that I feel I'm officially a parent now that I have a 5 year old. I know I've been parenting long enough, but I can remember thinking how experienced those parents of my former kindergarten students were with their 5 year olds; I certainly don't feel like I'm one of them but I suppose this makes it official.

Elena has blossomed so much especially now that she is in full time school. She is learning so quickly and I am so amazed at the things she says everyday and the amount of it!! She is still her bubbly self and sometimes it leads her to trouble or to being in trouble. But I love that she is so adaptable and easily gets over things that make her upset. At school her art teacher described her as a ball of sunshine. I think that describes Elena perfectly. I finally did an interview with her. I could have written paragraphs for each question!

What is your favorite color? yellow and red and also blue too. I have three favorite colors cause I love them so much!

What is your favorite food? peas and rice of Polar Express, ummm Panda Express. I forgot the name of the restaurant, and Panda Express is my favorite restaurant.

What is your favorite thing to play. I like to play with all the centers in my house, my favorite house!

What makes you feel happy? Playing at Hopping House and la senora (lady) telling me my shirt says birthday girl.

What makes you scared? The train sound in the night.

What do you like to do at school most of all? Me gusta el jardin.(I like the garden.)
Why? because I like to play together and plant the seeds.

What do you like to do with Daddy? Play games
What games? Connect 4

What do you like to do with mom? Play in the backyard and hug and kiss.

Don't worry, we cut this slice even further.

Marisa helping mix the cupcake batter
The school cupcakes


With her teacher

Thursday, November 4, 2010


31 weeks

I am now 32 weeks. Everything in my 31 week ultrasound looked good. Baby was about 3 lbs and measured according to her gestation, my fluid looked good, and my fundal height wasn't measuring 5 weeks ahead anymore. I measured 31cm at 31 weeks.

I also ended up having to see the Doctor and had a little scare because I had had over 12 contractions within one hour! The thing about it was that they started after a nap and continued in the car on my way to pick up Elena from school, so I was not over working myself. They finally gave me a test to determine my risk for preterm labor and it came back negative, so I was relieved. Shortly that same week I got a mild case of the flu. I had received the shot a month prior so I think I had some immunity to it and just had one REALLY bad day. For a moment I thought the nausea was back. But my relief was in finding out that all my discomfort, aches and pains, and yucky feeling were all related to this impending flu and not to the pregnancy. After that one bad day my energy was back, and I felt like my normal pregnant self again. Of course I took advantage of that, worked too hard, and now I have a cold, but at least I know the pregnancy is moving a long just fine and it's just these illnesses that are slowing me down. The contractions are less frequent and not as concerning to me anymore. Oh, and I think I'll be having a doula for this birth. I really excited about that.

Pumpkin patches, Fall festivals, P-carving, Trick or Treating

Austin Pumpkin Patch

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm

On a hayride at the Round Rock Fall Festival

Mom's Club Fall Festival

Fall Festival at Elena's school

Pumpkin carving with Daddy

Trick or treating

My friend Anna joined us.

After a lot of walking, Elena said, "I don't want anymore candy, this is enough."