Monday, May 16, 2011

More Elena funnies

"Mama I love everything in the world, Everything, everything except for pirates."

Omar: Okay, I'm gonna jump in the shower now.

Elena: No, you can't jump in the shower or you'll slip and fall and hurt your head.

"I have tears of crying cause I miss my Daddy."

I can't remember the rest. I'll update it later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The girls have said a few funny things I want to remember.

Omar to Elena giving her instructions in the shower : scrub your underarms

E to O: those aren't underarms those are undershoulders, these (pointing to the under part of her arm) are underarms.

Elena has been reading a lot of environmental print lately. At mother's day brunch she read some print on the glass from inside the restaurant like this Ahhh-Zip and Ahht-SAP. She laughed and laughed saying those were funny words. We explained that they looked backwards from the inside and that we would go look at the words (in the right direction)after we finished eating. She then read them and discovered they said Pizza and Pasta. Of course since she loves pasta she insisted we return for dinner sometime since she had pancakes this time.

And something very sweet of Elena-- all last week she couldn't wait for Friday when she would get to bring home my Mother's day plant home from school. Friday morning she woke up sick with a cough and a fever and the first thing she said when we let her know she would be staying home was that she wanted to go to school because she needed to give me my mother's day plant. She was so upset that we made the special trip to the school to pick it up later. Aren't these the moments we mothers live for!??


One hot afternoon we were desperate to find something to do out of the house but still indoors. We took the girls to the movies and Rango was the only cartoon showing. It was okay but I wouldn't recommend it for little kids, it's probably better geared for older ones. If you don't know, Rango is a chameleon. Marisa asked during the movie, "Daddy, What's her (referring to Rango) name, what's her name? Is it GEICO?" We thought this was hilarious although I really don't know how many times she could have possibly seen a GEICO commercial. We don't watch a ton on TV and if she does it's kids stuff and they wouldn't show a GEICO commercial during kids shows right? I guess the gecko must've been really memorable to her.

At dinner she was counting and for some reason began counting like this, " thirty, thirty-one, 30-eyes, 30-nose, 30-ear. We started cracking up and then she began adding every body part to the number 30.

And Karina

She obviously isn't saying anything so I'll just give a little update. She's almost giggling and I have heard her laugh once. The older girls are always funny to Karina and she opens her mouth wide in that baby smile way and kinda shrieks simultaneously. She is now exploring the sound of her voice and makes kind of a ruckus with those shriek sounding sounds.

And this is unrelated but I don't want to forget and want Karina to know that Heavenly day is her Birth Day song from me. It's just a perfect description of that day. :)

Mother's day

I had a lovely mother's day this year. I was woken up to the cutest (musical) card from the girls and then to yummy crepes made by Omar for the first time. They tasted much like the restaurant crepes I can't help but devour and I warned him that it may not be to his advantage that I now know he can make them. We went to church later and headed to SoCo for brunch. Since it was mother's day and we were (near) downtown we had to wait for a table. That ended up working out well because we were able to walk around the vicinity and check out some of the cute Austiny type shops we had not been to. We especially liked Allen's boots which I completely expected to be a typical Texas boot shop but it was incredible the amount of boots they had and the uniqueness to every single one. Luckily the price tags kept me from falling in love with them. The girls loved the boots too and REALLY wanted their own pair but instead we just enjoyed looking and trying on. After lunch we headed home for short naps and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. It couldn't have been a better day. I love my girls and the joy motherhood has brought me.

Girls and Boots!

My loves! The girls look so grown up to me this way--chatting away the way they are.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karina's Baptism

Karina had a wonderful baptismal ceremony Sunday afternoon and a nice family gathering at home. Karina had a cold and slight fever during her baptism, but did really well. My brother and now Karina's Godfather asked if all babies were as calm as Karina and commented on how she didn't ever cry during his stay here. I was reminded of her easy going nature and wondered if parents really have control over this. I think she's made me realize that it's the luck of the draw. Either way I'm thankful it has been a smooth transition for us thus far.

Lots of pictures below of the beautiful day. We were lucky enough to have lots of pictures mostly taken by my cousin. I also couldn't get my viewfinder to work so we used my brother's camera.