Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first shot...

...at nothing but some sunflowers. We accompanied my SIL and BIL last fall (as you can tell by the lack of the baby belly and for me my long forgotten thinner frame) on a dove hunt(We just recently received these photos). No success for us, only for my 8 year old niece!!! I didn't attempt to shoot any doves anyway, but it was a good opportunity to feel what it's like to fire a shot gun.

Love that smile and dimples!

At a local park

I know, I know, I look huge! And if I say it you won't. Ha, ha! But I love that every once in a while I happen upon a nice enough, rare photo like this of the girls and I. Who cares what I look like right?


I love the beach and couldn't go without a yearly visit, at least! Luckily we somehow find a way to make it to the beach when we visit Omar's mom. On this day, Saturday, both girls woke up at 6am! There was no way they were going back to sleep so we went to breakfast and drove South (M fell asleep and didn't get to play). I'm so glad we made the 20 minute drive. It was a nice birthday present and I was quite jealous that Omar was going to Miami and Destin two weeks in a row for work without me. The last pic is actually the sunset in Miami that he sweetly sent to me by phone as my wake up call one morning. :)

Miami sunset

Monday, October 18, 2010

I passed!!

I don't have gestational diabetes!! I am so relieved. I was worried about it all weekend long. An hour into the test I began feeling sleepy and lethargic...which usually happens to me when I don't eat for long periods of time. I convinced myself I couldn't have GT since I always struggle with the opposite--hypoglycemia. Anyway, I'm thankful and ready to move forward. 10 more weeks to go!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


29 weeks
I haven't really posted many updates on this pregnancy because it's been going well and I have generally been feeling better than my last pregnancies. At 7 months the nausea is mostly gone and I'm not starving or running to the nearest restroom frequently anymore. Today I find myself a bit discouraged and worried though because I failed my glucose screening. The first test that is. I also failed the 1st test with Elena but later passed the 2nd one. With Marisa I passed the 1st and was thrilled not to have to do the 3 hour one again. I detest that test!! Who ever thought to deny a pregnant woman of food for 12+ hours wasn't thinking straight. Anyway, aside from that I'm measuring 5 weeks ahead!!! (fundal height). Again wouldn't worry me but I measured big with Elena with whom I had complications and measured just fine with Marisa with whom I had none. The last two weeks I've been feeling yucky in general. All kinds of aches and pains often and everywhere. Uncomfortable contractions often throughout the day which I don't remember having before. I'm uncomfortable enough to wonder, "How will I make it 2+ months, 11 more weeks?" It's the same thought I had with Elena early on, the feeling that something doesn't feel right and now that same feeling is back. Everything of course looks normal as of now and there are really no concerns with my midwives and doctors. But again there was no concern with Elena and everything was showing up fine up until the day I got induced.

I'll be having another ultrasound because of the fundal height and well I'll be going in for that 3 hour glucose screening. I suppose once those are completed some of my concerns will be eased. In the meantime I pray, pray, pray I start to feel more normal, more right and can get this baby to full term. Thank you God for blessing our family with new life again. Help me continue to nourish her within me as long as necessary. Amen.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with O's family and today I treated myself and the girls to a cupcake at Hey Cupcake! Ever been there? This place doesn't usually open on Mondays but it was today because of ACL. My lucky day. :)

Family fun


It seems to be becoming a tradition to head down South on the anniversary of Omar's father's death. How wonderful to know he watches from above as we remember his life and celebrate it with such unity.

A picture by Elena. I like how she captured the casualness of it all.

Cooking with Daddy

A morning with Marisa

I love running into places like these around town and on this day, the weather was divine. Notice Marisa wearing a sweater. There were soooo many ducks here it was unbelievable. A Grandma offered to share the bread she brought for the ducks with Marisa and Marisa became overwhelmed by the mass of ducks surrounding her. Eventually they stopped waiting for the bread to be given to them and they began biting at her hand. Poor Marisa was frightened, and I carried her until she calmed down. She came around though and then loved every minute of it.

Baby Shower?!

I was really not expecting a shower for my 3rd baby but my Mami Latina mom's group surprised me and another pregnant Mami with one, and I was thrilled to be celebrating this new little one even if she is my third.
I loved this! Rather than measuring each of us and everyone trying to guess our size, the guests had to guess the sum of the length of both our bellies.
the beautiful cake
Diaper cakes

Sea World

We learned about a great opportunity to attend Sea World on an educational day. The amusement park was closed and we leisurely visited the exhibits and ended our day with two culminating performances. My friend Jamilyn and her daughter joined us and I also had a huge help from my mom who accompanied us just to help this tired 'ol pregnant mama. We had a great time!
Looking at the dolphins with Grandma.

Feeding the Sea lions
An estatic face after seeing Shamu jump out of the water
Not surprised, my oldest fell asleep and missed the last show, the Sea Lions.

Kiddie Acres

I have been having some nice one on one time with Marisa while Elena is in school. While at first I feel a little guilty and almost awkard taking one somewhere and not the other it's allowed us to have nice quality time with each other that we otherwise would not have. We went to a small little amusement park here in Austin that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Can you tell which ride was her favorite? Hint: look at her attire.

Marisa's 1st haircut

I'm a bit behind with posts so here are a few from a while back. I was so happy with the way Elena's hair turned out that the next day I went back to get Marisa's hair cut too. She was thrilled!


looking at these two pictures I was surprised at how much my two girls look alike in profile. And I surprised myself even more with their similiar haircuts at home when I actually thought one was the other when looking at them from behind!!

Look at me!