Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking forward to April

We've spent most of March in and out of Doctor visits with colds, ear infections, sinus infections and lastly (I hope) with food poisoning. Luckily Omar was spared of that one yesterday and it was Sunday so I was free to spend the day in front of the toilet bowl, that is until it was Elena's turn. I've never wanted a 2nd bathroom until yesterday. Meanwhile he changed a trillion diapers, changed just as many outfits, followed behind Elena with a bowl which really only led to him cleaning messes off the floor and took care of the rest of us. Now 9 pounds lighter between the 3 of us girls, I'm hoping this is the end of sicknesses without breaks and that April brings better health.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I can't pinpoint a reason, but I am suddenly finding myself doing extra projects around the house aside from my normal duties. As I started noticing myself doing this I realized that for the first time since mothering two children, I feel I'm falling into a routine. I'm laughing at myself as I type this because Marisa is over a year and I'm just now feeling a routine? I'm not saying I haven't had a routine all this time because I have, but the difference is I feel things more under control, and dare I say this, but I feel like I'm cruisin'. You know, when you can parent without thinking, the day just flows, and your not wondering how you're going to make it through the day. Maybe feeling adjusted until this point in time makes sense. I did after all feel this when Elena was around 6-8 months and now with two kids it's taken about double the time to adjust. Maybe it's because Marisa is napping only once a day now and for the first time her naps are in sync with Elena's naps, or maybe it's just them finally being used to each other. Who knows, it may be all completely unrelated to me and for all I know next week both girls will hit a different stage of development, and I will be eating my own words, but at least for now, for just a moment, I'd like to feel I'm getting the hang of this two child parenting business.

And here's one of those projects I completed while the girls napped. It's a half-buckle mei tai I bought for Omar on TBW for $24 bucks!! The shoulder straps of my soft structured carrier were too small for him to wear comfortably so this carrier was the perfect solution for him since it easily buckles at the waist like an SSC, but has completely adjustable and long mei tai shoulder straps that tie. I thought he might like the camo print but he prefers the solid black side so I decided to cover up the camo with a different print I like. Now we have a carrier we can both use.



Pretty easy project, but really the first project type thing I've done in a long, long time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things that make us laugh

I've been meaning to post some of the things Elena does or says that makes us laugh. Some of the things are from a while back. The picture above is after Elena had just had her face painted at the preschool's magic show and she was making funny faces. Wish I had pictures for every funny face she made.

When we first arrived and we were driving through Cambridge I said, "Look Elena this is Cambridge where Harvard and MIT are." Where will you go? Elena's response: En la cayola (carriola) Translation: In the stroller.

When she makes Marisa happy she says: "Elena dando feliz a Marisa." Translation: Elena is giving Marisa happies."

She often says, Yes Please! Yes thank you!

Elena's table placemats for dinner are maps so she calls them "placemaps."

It seems everything under a cloth or napkin is sleeping. This started at dinner one day. She put her fork under her napkin and said, "The folk (fork) is sleeping." She does this with anything, banana's, other silverware, pens. It looks hilarious because the item is not completely covered but a piece of it is "peeking out" and she makes sure it's this way very carefully.

The other day I gave her a cheese stick with the wrapper only half off. She said, "El queso tiene frio!" (The cheese is cold!) while acting it out her self and shivering. She continued, "Necesita ropa!" It needs clothes! while lifting the wrapper to cover it.

Here's another food related one. Soon after school began she would put her food, let's say her grapes, in a circle and said, "this is the class," or "they're friends."

Elena doesn't seem to mind the cold too much unless it is windy. One day on our way to the car after church it was really windy with temps in the teens. The wind was blowing in our faces and she said, "No a-i!" (aire--air) No a-i!, solo Daddy" (just for Daddy). She said this about the sun too, "No sun, No sun! Solo Mama!"

And some things that aren't terribly funny but I have to write to remember. Every night after she's gotten up way too many times out of bed, She asks, "Mama can you give two kisses, or Mama can you put two blankets." and then sometimes about her stuffed animals. "Mama can you give two kisses to Good morning Bear?"

And some funny word pronounciations:

Ma-ka-tu-te: Massachusetts
Cuwios Guioq: Curious George
sha-pio: shower (this was a while back)
sfweep, Sfweepy Bear: sleep, Sleepy Bear

Monday, March 9, 2009

Marisa is 15 months

Little one, I blinked and you were suddenly a toddler! In a matter of weeks you have become an expert walker, quickly walking everywhere and always on the go. Because the snow and ice is finally melting, I let you walk around the park yesterday. You were so excited exploring a new world outside with your walking feet. You like pushing the doll stroller, Daddy's suitcase and anything that rolls. You also like to get into baskets and bins. You love baby dolls and get so excited if you see them at the toy store. You love baths very much. The other day Daddy said, "Elena, are you ready for your bath?" But you were the one who proclaimed to be ready by giving a loud shriek and rapidly heading straight to the bathroom yelling, ba, ba!" In fact, you're the reason Elena comes to the bathroom for her bath. She doesn't want to bathe without you. Recently your sister is becoming so sympathetic towards you. She gives you kisses when you're hurt and yesterday helped you walk down the hill at the park. She shares her food with you which you are often thankful for because I'm often slow to get you refills. Yes, you still love to eat and it seems you can eat forever. You are open to trying new foods. Recently you tried pizza and loved it. There is hardly anything you will not eat.

You surprise us daily with your awareness of things that we have never pointed out to you before. The other day we asked Elena to set the table, but Elena was not coming so I gave you the place mats instead and you took them to the table and tried very hard to reach. You eventually put them in their place with half of the place mat hanging off the table because you couldn't reach.

You don't like us to get you dressed, change your diaper or do your hair. You have too much to do to get bothered by such frivolous things. You especially hate hats, hoods, and mittens and protest very much if they are on anywhere but outdoors. I guess that makes sense. You must wonder, "Why does mom put these articles of clothing inside the house (before heading out)?" You have become interested in books these days and will often look through some and bring them to me to read to you but you want to read them your way and flip through the pages quickly and get to the next one.

You love to brush your teeth by yourself, all 16 of them!! Could this be the reason for your restless nights? New molars in 2 months? You seem to have dropped your morning nap too and are now down to one on most days.

You still love to be carried on my back and I will be sad when these days are over. Recently we volunteered at your sister's school and you loved riding on my back and watching the kids play. You also enjoyed playing with them later and being part of the crowd. Being back carried is also the only way you allow me to make dinner sometimes. You would rather be involved in the action rather than waiting impatiently.

My dear Little One, I love your open mouth kisses every time I get you out of the crib in the mornings. I love how you get so happy when I get a carrier and you raise your arms up to be carried. I love your sweet happy smiles!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love them!

So not the best photo, Omar is blinking...but he usually IS!! and this mom can't seem to get her youngest daughter's hair settled, but I do love to see mis tesoros (my treasures) this way, all three of them!:)


Elena has been going through a phase of preferring certain stuffed animals who follow her everywhere she goes for two weeks straight. Every time I conclude that she has decided on one and I should find a backup one, she changes her mind. A few weeks ago Curious George was the favorite. Elena strategically placed him herself as you see him in the photos below. This week the favorite is Dominic's "Teddy" or Pooh whom she has affectionately named "Noki."

Where is Curious George?

Pretend play

A helpful discovery

I made an interesting discovery yesterday. This discovery is by no means based on scientific evidence but on pure personal experience. But since it worked for me, it might work for you so I just have to share.

I've been getting over the flu and every time I get a bad cold, 2-3 days into it I can't smell or taste a thing. To prove how non-existent my sense of smell becomes, I will tell you that I did a load of dirty cloth diapers yesterday and didn't smell a thing. NADA!!

So I needed to cut an onion for dinner last night, and I dread cutting onions. The burning and tearing of my eyes is so bad, I take breaks and leave the room at least three times while cutting a single onion. I've read about running the water next to you while cutting them, heard about turning on the flame of your stove, etc. none of which have worked successfully. But yesterday as I anticipated the unpleasantness of cutting this onion, I noticed nothing happened. I chopped an entire onion into minuscule pieces and NO BURNING, NO TEARS! It was as if I was cutting an apple. The discovery? If you can't smell an onion, the onion won't bother your eyes. I couldn't believe it myself! Now how I will block my sense of smell when I don't have a cold well, I'm working on ideas. Maybe a mask? Boy I will sure look silly! Do they really sell those nose tweezers looking things that pinch your nose shut? Even sillier, but really, I'm desperate, suggestions?

The recent storm

I realized I didn't have any pictures of the reality of heavy snow. I think these capture how unfun it can be. And, I have to admit I didn't liked being tricked into believing that spring was right around the corner. Just last week it got up to 50 + degrees and all the snow was already melted. I took these photos from inside the warm cozy house while Omar shoveled the driveway which as you can see can't be seen.

Just look at how many inches are stacked above the top of Omar's truck.