Sunday, February 8, 2009


These are my favorite geese. We ran into these Canadian Geese at a park reservation on our way to breakfast this morning. Suprisingly they didn't attack or seem bothered by our presence.

I love this one.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


No matter how far or how many times I move, how much I age, or regardless of the fact that I have my own home with my own little family, whenever I go visit my parents, I always say I'm going back home. I obviously consider my current home, home, but I must have two homes because, I don't think I will ever call my parent's home anything but home.

The girls and I took a short visit back home to see my family while Omar went to Atlanta for a conference. It all worked out very well with all of us heading to the airport together and Omar helping with all the necessary baby luggage. I was reluctant and anxious to travel alone with two little ones for 5 plus hours but all went smoothly, and I surprised myself with the accomplishment. I even mananged well on our return trip with the girls being sick with fevers and ear infections.

The date we left also coincided with my youngest sister's due date with her first baby. She had a girl, Yvette Isabel, just under 6 lbs who was born a few days before we arrived, and I was thankful to meet the newest member to the family. Congratulations Yvette and Giddings!!! It really was a nice time at home. The girls relished the time with their grandparents and cousins, and I must say I got a few breaks myself here and there. The weather was splendid and it was nice to have some heat for a change. Unbelievably we left Boston at 20 degrees and arrived in Laredo in sweaters at 85 degrees!! and humid. And now for a ton of pictures. I remembered this time to take lots.

On the plane

My old hat from my summers in Sonoma. She insisted on wearing it everywhere to hide her eyes from the bright Texas sun she apparently was not accustommed to anymore.
Marisa loves animals and was delighted to see my Mom's parrots and our beloved and missed Jake.
With my oldest brother
Girls with Grandma

More love
Grandma with girls at the park

The girl cousins

The boy cousins

Marisa on Carmen's back

And just for fun a picture of both girls, the same age, at the same park, both taken on a January.

What fun!
My oldest sister and I.
More cousins--sugaring the cookies
Poor Elena, she hadn't sucked her thumb since the infection on her thumb around Christmas. On this night she had a fever of 104 and must've needed some real comforting. She hasn't done it again since.
Welcome Baby Yvette!
Funny pic of baby Yvette pulling on her hat.
My youngest sister and I.
At the airport with my mom.