Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We made it back home safely from our trip to Colorado for our friend's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding outdoors. I had to make a quick exit to keep the girls from becoming too loud, but I was able to get some good shots of the bride from the new view.

We drove up to the mountains the first day. It was just gorgeous, and the girls napped the entire way as they recovered from rising early to catch our flight. Elena woke up later to the unfamiliar scenery and quickly learned about mountains and everything else new such as, pine trees, hotels, airplane emergency exit procedures (She was entralled by that pamphlet.), and all other new experiences.

I must say that traveling with two was trying at times, but the girls did incredibly well for the majority of the time including on the flight there and even while sleeping in the same room at different times! In the end I was proud of myself for handling them both alone in unfamiliar territory for them while Omar was completing his groomsman duties. Here's our picture journal. As always, I wish I'd taken more pictures.

Stopped to take this pic by the mountains while the girls slept.
REALLY enjoying dinner.
At the rehearsal dinner
At a nearby park. It was really cold which is why I'm no where in sight and enjoying the view from the car.
view from the hotel
At the local mall enjoying this fun horse simulation glider.
Beautiful bride waiting to walk down the aisle
trying to sleep at the reception...not so interested. :)
exploring textures

waiting to board
showing off her friend (sleeping in the background) Katelyn's car.
on the plane

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marisa is 5 months old

delighted to have her sister's attention

Time is flying by soo quickly. Marisa is almost half a year old! These days she is enjoying her sister's company more and more. Marisa can hold toys now and she especially likes taggie blankets and burp cloths to chew on. She enjoys tummy time for a significant amount of time and then gets frustrated when she attempts to be mobile and her body just doesn't take her anywhere. Marisa likes to sleep often and takes at least 4 naps a day. I usually lay her down, swaddle her leaving one hand out, and play some soft music. She fusses for a few seconds, but then she sucks on her fingers and is asleep within minutes. She was sucking her thumb before but has taken preference to two fingers now.

She luuuvs Elena more than any toy around and Elena makes her laugh and giggle often. Marisa more than tolerates Elena laying or sitting on her. In fact this makes her laugh the hardest this way, and I have to end the fun by intervening.

Daddy makes Marisa laugh too and she loves playtime with him. When I approach Marisa she kicks her feet like crazy with enthusiasm. If her feet could talk they'd express much excitement.

These two are so fun, I just can't believe how well they have fun together already. I'm looking forward to much more interaction between them.

Elena is 2 1/2

She's half way to 3. Elena has truly blossomed recently. She is always saying something to us. Most recently she learned to say all her colors in English. She only says yellow in Spanish. She's also counting and has chosen to do that in Spanish. She'll count anything that can be counted, lines on the ground, things on her shirt. She can also recognize 1/2 of the single digit numbers.

Elena continues to be ever so sweet to Marisa. Out of the blue she will look at Marisa, give her a hug and say I love you. I think I mentioned before that she can calm Marisa down as well as I can. When Marisa wakes up from a nap Elena puts a pacifier in her mouth and toys in her bed. She talks to her and plays with her while I finish up a load of laundry or dishes.

Elena makes us laugh often. Most of you that know her know how she says milk. Omar and I will say, "It's milk Elena, not meeo. Elena responds, "No, no meoo, meeoo.

Elena loves her daddy and prefers that he puts her to bed. They have this routine of kisses and I love yous before bed and yesterday when Omar was going to work after lunch at home this is what happened.

Omar: Bye Elena, kisses Elena
Omar: says bye to me and kisses me
Elena:nooo, mmm(word for kiss) mama
Omar: he comes back and gives me a 2nd kiss
Elena: noo,, IIII (word for I love you)
Omar : comes back and hugs me and says I love you.
Omar: Bye Elena
Elena: Bye!

Elena has fun even with the simplest of things. She will make a game out of anything, including diaper changes which often frustrate me. But I'm also reminded that it is in her nature to laugh and play.

My sweet baby girl, I love your playfulness, your kindness, your patience, this time with you is so special to me and I know I will look back and miss it. I love you and can't wait to know more of you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

I love being a mother to my girls. :0)