Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marisa is 5 months old

delighted to have her sister's attention

Time is flying by soo quickly. Marisa is almost half a year old! These days she is enjoying her sister's company more and more. Marisa can hold toys now and she especially likes taggie blankets and burp cloths to chew on. She enjoys tummy time for a significant amount of time and then gets frustrated when she attempts to be mobile and her body just doesn't take her anywhere. Marisa likes to sleep often and takes at least 4 naps a day. I usually lay her down, swaddle her leaving one hand out, and play some soft music. She fusses for a few seconds, but then she sucks on her fingers and is asleep within minutes. She was sucking her thumb before but has taken preference to two fingers now.

She luuuvs Elena more than any toy around and Elena makes her laugh and giggle often. Marisa more than tolerates Elena laying or sitting on her. In fact this makes her laugh the hardest this way, and I have to end the fun by intervening.

Daddy makes Marisa laugh too and she loves playtime with him. When I approach Marisa she kicks her feet like crazy with enthusiasm. If her feet could talk they'd express much excitement.

These two are so fun, I just can't believe how well they have fun together already. I'm looking forward to much more interaction between them.


Megan said...

I know I say it often, but she is just the most gorgeous little girl!

Julia said...

She is a beautiful child!!!!!!!! Such personality! I can not wait to see what Milo will be like. We are so lucky to have these little people, aren't we?!

Tamara said...

Josie - you guys have two beautiful little girls. I can't believe how big they are getting.