Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out and about

Karina is four weeks old, and I'm slowing beginning to feel like my normal self again. It's amazing the toll pregnancy takes on my body and how free my body feels after pregnancy without 30 extra pounds to carry.

We recently met up with the Motekaitis family at Zilker and later in the week I took a short drive to the New Branufels children museum with my friend Jamilyn who will be moving soon. These ventures were a reminder to take it slow and give myself a lot of time when leaving the house. I have yet to get out with all three girls by myself. Next week Omar leaves for a week for a conference. It's been so nice to have him home for an entire month! It will be an adjustment but luckily I planned ahead and asked his mom to come for the week. Slowly but surely our family of five will feel like the new normal. In the meantime I'll enjoy the squishy goodness of a newborn and her adoring siblings who can't seem to get enough of her. :)

Elena and Dominic
The cutest balloon creation I've ever seen.

The two dads with the middle children


Karina is under that Mei Tai carrier

Jamilyn and Lily

My girls enjoying each other at home. :)

Abuelitos meet Karina

Thursday, January 20, 2011