Friday, February 19, 2010


I recorded this for the giggles. It's what car rides have been like lately. Noisy but amusing. :) Oh and you can hear the remnants of Elena's pneumonia. By the way, minivan mom's, does noise decrease significantly in a van?

Austin Museum of Art

While I can't say it isn't hard while Omar is away for work, there are some perks when he's home and not traveling. Today, we had a slow morning and breakfast together at IHOP. Marisa was in desperate need of a morning nap so Omar offered to take her home and put her down for a nap after breakfast while Elena and I headed to the Museum of Art to meet up with some other Mom's from my Mom's club. Omar worked while Marisa slept and when I got back Marisa woke up. Then it was time for Elena's nap so I made plans to head to Wal-mart for some shopping with just one child...this day is getting better and better right? Well it didn't work out because Elena refused to nap but nonetheless these types of days happen often when he's here and I am so, so thankful for his help. Now for some pics of Elena and I at the museum. It was so nice spending individual time with her.

The Lab--this is the hands-on area of the art museum which makes it ideal for little ones.

We're on film!

Little vacation

Last week I accompanied Omar on a business trip to San Antonio while the girls spent a couple of days with my parents. I picked up the girls later so they could enjoy a little of San Antonio with us too. The girls being seranaded with their favorite song, Guantanamera at one of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio, Mi Tierra I haven't seen a sign like this before building an arch all done

The grocery store was the best I've seen yet at a Children's Museum. Watching the girls go up and down the aisles really made it look like they were in a real grocery store. They loved it! That's a lot of lettuce!

Marisa cooking
Can you see the profile of my face and Omar's? In a bubble Two in a bubble

Valentine's day breakfast back in Austin Taken by Elena

Jake is back

Jake took the plane ride all the way to Boston with us. We lived in a two family home there and before long he was convinced the footsteps from upstairs were coming to invade his territory. He barked at just about every footstep just as one of the girls was down for a nap. Remember the scene on Marley and Me when Jennifer Aniston puts the baby down for a nap, the garbabge truck beeps, the dog barks, the baby wakes up? Yes, it was just like that. He eventually became very anxious and nervous about every noise he heard whether it was me in the basement, the mail carrier or noise from upstairs. That's when we realized he couldn't stay so he flew all the way to Laredo on my parents return flight after visiting us. We completely intended for him to be away only temporarily so he is home again happy and looking out the window as he likes to do.