Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things that make us laugh

I've been meaning to post some of the things Elena does or says that makes us laugh. Some of the things are from a while back. The picture above is after Elena had just had her face painted at the preschool's magic show and she was making funny faces. Wish I had pictures for every funny face she made.

When we first arrived and we were driving through Cambridge I said, "Look Elena this is Cambridge where Harvard and MIT are." Where will you go? Elena's response: En la cayola (carriola) Translation: In the stroller.

When she makes Marisa happy she says: "Elena dando feliz a Marisa." Translation: Elena is giving Marisa happies."

She often says, Yes Please! Yes thank you!

Elena's table placemats for dinner are maps so she calls them "placemaps."

It seems everything under a cloth or napkin is sleeping. This started at dinner one day. She put her fork under her napkin and said, "The folk (fork) is sleeping." She does this with anything, banana's, other silverware, pens. It looks hilarious because the item is not completely covered but a piece of it is "peeking out" and she makes sure it's this way very carefully.

The other day I gave her a cheese stick with the wrapper only half off. She said, "El queso tiene frio!" (The cheese is cold!) while acting it out her self and shivering. She continued, "Necesita ropa!" It needs clothes! while lifting the wrapper to cover it.

Here's another food related one. Soon after school began she would put her food, let's say her grapes, in a circle and said, "this is the class," or "they're friends."

Elena doesn't seem to mind the cold too much unless it is windy. One day on our way to the car after church it was really windy with temps in the teens. The wind was blowing in our faces and she said, "No a-i!" (aire--air) No a-i!, solo Daddy" (just for Daddy). She said this about the sun too, "No sun, No sun! Solo Mama!"

And some things that aren't terribly funny but I have to write to remember. Every night after she's gotten up way too many times out of bed, She asks, "Mama can you give two kisses, or Mama can you put two blankets." and then sometimes about her stuffed animals. "Mama can you give two kisses to Good morning Bear?"

And some funny word pronounciations:

Ma-ka-tu-te: Massachusetts
Cuwios Guioq: Curious George
sha-pio: shower (this was a while back)
sfweep, Sfweepy Bear: sleep, Sleepy Bear

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Julia said...

I love the story about the grapes!!! I love when they personify things, it's so cute. I think it encourages their ability to empathize, too. I have been wondering how the night time shenangins are going with Elena??? Tell me! Keep warm you guys, we love you!