Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why I'm not in any pictures...

In response to Julia's question, here is an answer in picture form.

Carson Beach

As you can see Marisa is trying to grab my hair and Elena is purposely turning away from the camera. I love taking pictures but capturing good family pictures has become more and more difficult. In this picture I was trying to get one of Omar with the girls. A very nice woman offered to take one of all of us. I was delighted but knew the 30 seconds of tolerance from the girls was almost over so I quickly jumped in and ended up with this photo. :) I looks like it should be of Omar and the girls, me alone, or maybe even Omar and I since we're the only ones smiling. Ha ha!! Oh well, at least we'll have a laugh and some funny memories with pictures like these.


Julia said...

I post pics like this all the time! You must cringe when you see them! :) Is that a new shirt? I love it, I want it! You look great! Miss you to pieces.

Tamara said...

I completely understand about the pics - either Greg and Allison or myself and Allison - hardly ever a a family. Its tough getting a good photo of us all together! I love your synopsis of the pic!