Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're here! Texas that is. The girls and I flew in from Boston to DFW and thankfully made it safe and sound. We will hang out here for a few days while we wait for Omar and all ~700lbs of our stuff which he's driving this way with my car in tow. I'd say it was a long day for the girls and I, but Omar just started his so in a sense I feel that I got the good end of the bargain.

The flight was great and as in previous trips, I was lucky enough to have Marisa in her own seat (rather than on my lap) for free since the flight was not full. An even rarer thing happened too--both girls fell asleep during our lay over AT THE SAME TIME, in a PUBLIC PLACE, without their bed, and not in the car! I just had to bother another passenger for proof of the moment. I've also convinced myself that this must mean they're still babies.

We're almost home. :)


Julia said...

SO GLAD you guys touched down safely! WELCOME HOME!!! :) I can't WAIT to see you guys! I love the pic of the girls, I was shocked when I saw it! What a happy ending for the trip! :) Love you guys, praying for you as you settle in. Let us know when we can come see you!!!! We're driving through town this weekend actually, but that's probably too short of notice for you guys. We'll see you soon I know :)

Carmen said...

Yeah! So glad to read on it and more so, to see that you are all o.k.! Can't wait to see you guys!