Friday, September 4, 2009

Cartagena, Columbia

What a great mini vacation! I spent my two days enjoying the Columbian cuisine and culture around me while Omar was at a conference. I suppose he enjoyed those same things too. :)

The hospitality here was amazing. We were taken on a carriage ride through the city in the evening where we saw beautiful historic buildings. During dinner, we listened to, vallenato,the music of eastern Columbia which was somewhat similar to cumbia the type of music I grew up listening to at home. Dinner didn't begin until 9pm and just when we thought the night was over more food was served around 11pm!! Somewhere through dinner there was all this commotion about a famous person and I headed through a small crowd in the plaza to find Placido Domingo!

I love that even though each of the countries of Latin America have a unique culture of their own, they also have a connection in common that bonds them. This, the friendliness of the people, and hospitality allowed me to feel right at home and even more curious to eventually go visit Honduras the country where my family history is.

Carriage ride through the city

Omar and some of the other scientists of the conference
Santo Domingo Square
Me and Placido

Colonial Cartagena


Carmen said...

You are so lucky to have traveled so far!! I am sooooo jealous (good, of course)! What a great experience for you both!

I can't believe you got to meet and take a picture with Placido Domingo! Awesome!!

As far as the culture and location of Colombia; and after reading your blog, my desire to travel to Honduras has grown even more! If you ever plan to go with Omar or the family, please- let me know!! I'd love to "tag along"!! I'd LOVE to take the kids to show them our rich and beautiful history!! Maybe we can vacation together!!! I'd really like that. Enjoy the rest of your mini, yet exquisite vacation!!

Tamara said...

I love the pictures - they are beautiful! What a great vacation!

Dalia said...

Cool experience for you both! Seeing Placido is too awesome, but I especially love the pic in the carriage. I'm a romantic at heart! Que guapo, Omar with that Colombian hat! Glad to see y'all having great experiences. Continue!!!