Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elena is four!

Cupcakes at school

Dear Elena,
I can't believe you're four! I know, I know, I say this every time, but every year I can't help but wonder where my baby went. I have to say the 3's were trying and much different than your 2's. A lot of your learning and need for independence happened this past year so it's not a surprise that it would be hard. But now you're four and I'm looking forward to seeing your personality blossom more and more. These days you talk---A LOT---about everything! There's hardly a break for silence when you're around and you're determined to let us know everything you're learning and discovering every minute. You use mostly English now and I love hearing your little accent with certain words. You are still cheery and bubbly and more often than not bring smiles to our faces. You can't help but make Daddy and I laugh with your silly sayings and comments. Marisa adores you and the moment we pull up to the front of your school she starts estatically saying, "Lena, Lena" Some of the things you enjoy are playing with play-doh, playing on the see-saw, drawing on your Magna Doodle, anything pretend, singing and making up your own songs with familiar tunes but different words, listening to stories, actually watching the entire length of a movie, wrestling with Marisa and making her laugh even when it's serious time.

Let see, some milestones--You are using complex sentence structures in Spanish and English. You continue to nap (thankfully for me) 2 hours a day. You tend to stay dry most nights and I think I won't be buying anymore pull-ups. You're not quite as cautious as you use to be which means you climb more and fall more but you rarely cry. Today at your 4 year check up we learned you are still in the 50th percentile for weight and height just what you'd expect from a tall father and short mama. Elena, I really enjoy your joy for life and the way you light up a room. My sweet baby girl thank you for reminding me to laugh, smile and enjoy life.

Homemade car

drawing of herself with a red balloon

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Making cookies


tia dalia and kids said...

love the pics, but especially love the video. i want her to make cookies for us when we see y'all for new years week. happy birthday, sweet elena!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Elena! We love you!!!

Julia said...

Gosh I just watched the video and almost cried. She is a little girl! Where have the years gone??? Remember how worried you were about her speech development? She's so brilliant, look at her!!! :) Wish you were bringing ME some cookieS! :) and p.s. you look BEAUTIFUL in Elena's birthday cupcake picture. I love the one of E and M running on the bridge together! Miss you guys!