Sunday, November 18, 2012

Elena's birthday

Elena's last birthday party with friends was in College Station for her 2nd birthday. I didn't realize it had been so long but for the 3rd we had just arrived in Belmont and she didn't have a group of friends yet. For her 4th we had just moved to Austin and again no friends yet. On her 5th I was too pregnant and exhausted to plan a birthday party and then on her 6th I guess I was afraid I couldn't go through with it because it had been so long. The thing is birthday parties stress me out. I know they shouldn't. It's just a kid birthday party but once I start to think about planning for Elena's, I have to start thinking about Marisa's and Karina's too, and I become overwhelmed. 3 parties within two months just sounds daunting to me. Anyway, I went for it and I was glad I did. She invited all the kids in her class and more than half came. While it was hard work planning everthing, I did enjoy it and it was so much fun for her and all the kids. Elena asked for a space theme and it was a suprisingly easy theme to work. Happy birthday! We love you sweet girl!

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