Monday, April 9, 2018

Growing like a weed

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Enrique has had the biggest growth spurt within a time period by far of all the kids.  Perhaps being a boy has something to do with it.  I remember the pediatrician saying that boys and girls are on different growth curves and they can't be compared.  Despite this, he seems SO SO big to me and I'm shocked at where he reaches me when we stand side by side.  

How can this be? He's only 3 and half my height.  In all fairness he is of average height and I am obviously not.  Still,  I can't help but think about him being bigger than me while I am still raising him. So, I found the poem below to remind me to cherish this little boy whom I can still hold.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting an update. I check in occasionally to see how you are all doing :)
Fiona Smith