Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am so impressed with Marisa's potty training. She is truly potty trained...2 accidents, 4 days. I figured I'd record this milestone since it was early and totally caught me by surprise. I had just bought new diaper inserts and a whole pack of diapers too! She's going at home, when we're out and about and she's telling me everytime. The funniest thing is the way she is telling me. My sister and her kids are here visiting and we've all been getting a kick out of it. Basically she just pulls her bottoms down wherever we are!!! Yes! The kite festival, the museum, the Nature Center, she just stops what she's doing, pulls her bottoms down, finds me, and she waddles to the nearest potty. I guess I can say that we'll be working on this part since she's been mooning everyone around her. :) And because the urge strikes so suddenly for her I got her the awesome potty above that has been a lifesaver. It folds neatly in my diaper bag and also works as a seat on the toilet.

I also couldn't help but mention how proud I am of Elena. She is growing up so fast. I use to worry about her focusing skills quite a bit. I often left storytimes that we went to in Belmont because she couldn't focus and pay attention. She was usually doing her own thing. In all fairness, I think I was comparing her to my kindergarten, 5 year old students who mostly sat still when they listened to stories. It was also before her adenoids were removed and she had all those sleep apnea issues. Anyway, I have witnessed her so intently listen to stories now, participate and truly enjoy them because she is following along, and I am so proud of her. Here's a picture of her (in the middle) enjoying storytime at the museum. Meanwhile Marisa was twirling on the floor, but I'm not worried. :)


Katie and Chip said...

Hey Omar and Josie - just read through some of your blog. Katie is good about maintaining ours and keeping up with everyone else's, but I need to get better. Your daughters are beautiful and sounds like you guys have had great experiences moving around. Hope everything is going well for all 4 of you.


Carmen said...

I got a kick out of it!! All in good fun, though. I guess that instead of "potty training"- you are going to train her to keep her panties on!!!! LOL