Monday, June 28, 2010

Elena's surgery

Prepping before surgery

Elena's surgery was successful. She ended up having her tonsils AND her adenoids removed also. Although she had those removed last year, the surgeon said they had grown back and were enlarged so she removed them again. This answered so many questions for me! I now understand why her sleep improved last year after the 1st surgery and then became a problem again. Elena is still in some pain and on meds for it but her recovery has been fairly smooth. She is already sleeping better and I am noticing some positive behavior changes now that she is not chronically tired. Unfortunately for me my napping days for this pregnancy are over with. Apparently Elena no longer needs a midday nap because she is finally restfully sleeping in the night like she should be.

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Julia said...

I'm so glad! I've been wondering! I nap even though D doesn't, Josie! :) I spend the first hour reading with him and doing a simple art project, and then the second hour I tell him he's on his own while I'm resting :) He knows to stay out of trouble though, he plays in his room or does computer games mostly. Has Elena tried yet?