Wednesday, April 20, 2011

March for Babies

I recently joined Stroller Strides a great class for moms that is allowing me to regain the strength I lost from my pregnancies and then some. I've never, EVER, been athletic by any means so for me this is something very difficult to do, but I am happy to be doing this now in my somewhat young age and happy to be preventing further weakness and bone loss that comes from being weak and having babies.

I along with the Stroller Strides team will be walking for March of Babies in order to raise money for more research and to support programs that help moms have full term pregnancies. Those of you who know me might remember that Elena was born 4 weeks early and spent 7 days in NICU. While Elena was never in critical condition and came home fairly quickly, the experience allowed me to gain a slight perspective on what it feels like to deliver a sick premature baby, go home without your baby, the emotional toll that takes on a new mom, the stress it causes the other members of the family, and an insight to the difficulties that come when delivering a premature newborn baby. I obviously have personal reasons to raise money for this cause, but you can contribute and help me reach my goal too. Just go to my personal page here and make a secure donation. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and helping out a good cause. :)

If you'd like to see more on what March for Babies is and why I'm walking watch the video here .

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Carmen Castro Martinez said...

I love this post. Having been part of the March of Dimes for five years and part of the board I know exactly what you mean. On a personal level when Charlie and Cristina had their fair share of time in the NICU for a short period. But like you said, it can be overwhelming and can definitely take a toll on a family and mother, of course. Good luck!!!