Friday, April 4, 2008

For me

Sometimes I forget that Elena is learning two languages and worry about her language development. She uses Spanish with me all day and I don't hear a lot of her English vocabulary until Daddy gets home. Because of this I don't hear all of the words she knows. A friend suggested that I write down all the words she does know. I hadn't done this in awhile, and just now as I looked at the list I wrote with two long columns it hit me, My Child Is Bilingual! So, I'm really just writing some of the words out for me, to remind myself of her large vocabulary in two different languages, and to have a memory of some of the funny interpretations of words (so I'm writing them as she says them). And since they're so many I'm not writing their translation because that would take forever, so don't feel you have to read them, you probably can't.


Tia, babo, maya, pio, ono (horno), bibi, apum, guia, naminar, gama, niño, niña, mugiagia (muchacha), panda, nom (botón), Ana, uno, u (luz) ya, no, shi (si), ya, no, pupú, pupo (pulpo), bio (veo), muna, ba (banano, queso, libro), pa (pez), patu, amias (hormigas), mino (pino), mina (nubes), namana (lampara), i-i-a (osito), tita,tilla, illa, pata, mi, bañu, talla, u-u, vas, tin, tuyo, mio, opa, mon, mono, gallo, leon, may, moño, pollo, ta, nana, a-a, ma, tio, dia, mom, talla (calle), leon (camaleon), talla (aguacate), pito, yo, tu, mi, Amen, pan


Bah-bye, apple, da, do, moo, deo (deer), num, pata (pasta), blue, shoe, baa (bath), tao (star), bao (bear), how (hair), seeow, mamo, veen (swing), geega, mou (mouth), geu, bee, ooh, meow, Grandma, Grandpa, patin, num, hee, tee, Guglia (Julia), uh-oh, moon, panda, ball, money (bunny), we(read), pee (pink), baye (bike), babo (bubbles), pi (pig), Dean, punki (pumpkin), vice (rice),cacoo (cracker), kika(cookie), appy (happy), nye (nice), grumpy

Of course she's been putting a lot of words together for a while two of my favorites recently:

No Nannie (Dominic) talla (calle-street).
No niños amias (hormigas-ants).

I found the quote below.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

I sure wish I could learn more languages.

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Julia said...

I love the extra "g" in my name! :) It's so great that you are documenting this - you will look back on it and be amazed!