Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Before we even began the pumpkin carving, Elena was already anxiously awaiting the the event. The giant pumpkins were on our dining room floor and Elena would come over with her (kid) knife and pretend to carve. I don't remember talking about the process so she either remembered from last year, or knew from the many pumpkin books we had previously read. She enjoyed this special activity with her Daddy. She picked out this pumpkin face out of a book because it looked like a cat with it's "whiskers." She loved feeling the pulp and took an occasional taste thinking it was edible. Luckily we have one very large pumpkin left which Omar intends to make pie out of. This should be another fun learning experience. Oh, and Marisa joined in on the fun too. She intently and happily watched her big sister and especially enjoyed seeing the pumpkin once it was lit.

The businesses at our local town square gave out candy for Halloween. This made for a fun event with plenty of costumes to see. Marisa the hen rode on my back and Elena the goldfish walked or should I say swam? She did pretty well considering the distance we walked to get there, but I learned she still prefers to ride in the stroller and for that I am glad.

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Julia said...

What an ornate goldfish costume! I love it! The pumpkin is great too! I snickered when I read Elena tasted the pumpkin - I can picture that SO WELL! Haha! :) So glad you guys had a wonderful time!