Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Part 2: Seattle

We ferried to Seattle. It was gorgeous and sunny as we left Friday Harbor and then it turned really cold and cloudy. But, I do love ferry rides and prefer to sit on the outside section of the boat so we did when we embarked and then again when landing. This ferry was the bumpiest ferry ride I had been on. Omar insisted that it was perfectly safe, but I didn't enjoy that part at all.
This is a gum wall on the Pike Place hillclimb. Yes, it is full of gum. Pretty disgusting, but it was kinda cool to look at from afar.
The upside to Omar traveling for work is that he racks up airline miles and hotel points and we get to go on trips like these and stay in upgraded hotel rooms. Omar assures me that the hotels he stays at for work are not this nice and that rooms booked with points are like rewards so the rooms are nicer or have a view or something rewarding. Anyway, we were on the 30 something floor so the view was pretty cool.
1st Starbucks

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