Thursday, December 4, 2008


At the museum. The only picture I got :(

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday here at home with my parents who were able to be with us for the week. They were great sports treking it to the Museum of Natural Science on their first day here in 24 degree weather! We really felt it since we didn't all fit in one car so we walked, bused and took the subway in the cold. This was my first experience in weather this cold... but no snow yet. We also had some delicious Cuban food. If you ever visit be assured that I will take you is definitely one of my favorite places ever! We walked to Harvard Square, and walked a cemetery. Strange I know, but apparently cemeteries are sights to see and visit here. It really is beautiful and there are many historical figures buried there. The highlight is a tower on a mountain with a great view of Boston. As always my mom made her wonderful thanksgiving turkey and I managed to make dessert...proof below on video! Okay, so Elena helped me, but I contributed nonetheless. :) It was a good Thanksgiving.

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