Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree lighting

Our local town had their tree lighting ceremony today. Elena has been talking about Christmas trees since we moved here, perhaps because they grow here and you can see them on the side of the road. She was thrilled beyond belief and thought we were going to buy a tree for the house. See her big smile in the picture below. She's never smiled so big. Omar assured her he would get a tree for the house this weekend. It will be the earliest that we have gotten one.

Loving the fire truck
the city tree

Omar happily posing with Marisa even with the flower patterned carrier!

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Jamison said...

Yeah, like I always say, Real men wear flowers. ;) Good job, Omar!!!

Thanks for answering my blogpost...I was secretly hoping you would read it so that I wouldn't bug you with more baby questions.
Miss ya!