Saturday, December 20, 2008

It finally came!

The much anticipated snow in the eyes of a Texan finally came last night. Although most of the country experiences this type of weather during winter, it was still an unbelievable sight to see for us newbies. It was loads of fun and lots of work, but it was exciting to experience nonetheless. And as expected, here are a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!

At the park before the storm

During the storm (it's not over yet!)

Watching the snow fall from the living room window
Sledding to the donut shop at the corner
Elena helping out little sis.
Headed to the park
Watching the snow. "wow!"
Marisa, unsure of what to think about all this.
Elena with Omar going down the hill at the park.
Marisa and I sliding down the hill.
A Texas style snowman.

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